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Epoxy resin floor paint

Devcon Engineering is the first company to introduce Epoxy Resin Floor Paint in lieu of standard floor tiles. Epoxy Resin Floor Paint is cheaper than floor tiles and yet more resilient and durable than floor tiles.

Construction description

  • Application: wear-resistant and impact resistant requires flooring of industries as electronic, electric, toys, mechanic, garment, telecom equipment, meters, food, beverage, medical, chemical, tobacco, logistic, car 4s shop, car repairing shop etc.
    • Requirements of cement base:
  • Cement base is firmly, no peeling. Better to pour the cement and concrete in same time, finished by origin cement slurry, to avoid hollowing, cracked or delaminated.
  • 28 days dry of concrete base, the moisture ration of floor surface ≤8%.
  • Need water proof treatment for the ground floor, to avoid the moisture from underground to cause the epoxy flooring blister and delaminate.
  • For good effect of epoxy flooring after construction, it requires level of the cement base (tolerance: 3mm/2m)
  • Requires no sand and pasting phenomenon on the floor surface, good hardness. Cement powder light intensity ≥3000PSI (210kgf/cm2 or C25)
  • No uneven, honey comb and blasted surface.
  • PH value of floor surface is 6.8 – 8.0.
  • No oil, wax, paint and emulsion paint residuum.
    • Standard of cement prime land: No loosen, oil and dirt; neutral PH value; cement base is smooth after polishing.
  • Requires no sand and pasting phenomenon on the floor surface, good hardness. Need to fill up by epoxy resin mortar for the hollow space.
  • No corrosion phenomenon, need to dry on the wet place.
    • Design proposal: according to the actual situation and requirements, suggest to use epoxy resin mortar wear-resistant floor.
    • Epoxy resin mortar Floor performance: dust-proof, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, heavy load, light corrosion resistant, level and bright, easy clean and maintenance.
    • Construction section drawing:

面涂层 Top coat level

腻子层 Putty level – 2

腻子层Putty level – 1  

底涂层 First coat level

原地面 Cement base

  • Notice for construction:
  • Suitable temperature for working is 15 – 30 ℃,and humidity is under 85%.
  • Need to use quick-dry curing agent under the working condition of low temperature and high humidity.
  • The epoxy resin and curing agent raw material is inflammable material, need to take proper precautions against fire.
  • Need one week maintenance of the epoxy resin mortar floor after construction.
    • Notice in use:
  • The impact area or the area easily to be scratched should be protected by rubber sheets.
  • Rubber tires are required to be used for the vehicle to prevent scratching from high friction.
  • Dust should be cleared by dust collector.
  • Dirt should be scrubbed by cleaning agent.
    • Quality requirements:
  • Level surface, color uniformity, resin cured completely, No delaminated and colour separation phenomenon.
  • Thickness meets the design requirements.
    • Construction condition:
  • Supply two phase and three phase power and lighting.
  • Keep the work floor dry and clean.
  • Intersecting construction is not allowed.